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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Stones

A fresh batch of new stones - all are available for custom orders; email me for details!

Variscite cabochon (Candelaria mine, Nevada), 10mm

Variscite cabochon (Candelaria mine, Nevada), 18mm x 25mm

Turquoise cabochon (Nevada), 13mm x 20mm

Turquoise cabochon (Ajax mine, Nevada), 11mm x 24mm

Turquoise cabochon (Ajax mine, Nevada), 16mm x 23mm

Sunstone cabochon (Oregon), 11mm x 15mm

Sunstone cabochon (Oregon), 10mm x 12mm

Pink tourmaline cabochon (California), 7mm

Pink tourmaline cabochon (California), 5mm x 7mm

Enormous pink tourmaline cabochon (California), 17mm x 26mm

Afghan tourmaline cabochon, 16mm x 17mm

Green tourmaline cabochon (California), 9mm

Green tourmaline cabochons (California), 6mm

Green tourmaline cabochons (California), 6.5mm

Aquamarine cabochons, 6mm

Aquamarine cabochons, 5mm x 7mm

Aquamarine cabochons
Left: 9mm x 11mm
Top right: 8mm x 12mm
Bottom right: 7mm x 10mm

Faceted Afghan tourmaline, 6mm

Faceted sunstone (Oregon), 6mm

Faceted sunstone (Oregon), 5mm

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