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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Work

ethical aquamarine ringFair trade aquamarine, recycled 14k white gold, and recycled 14k yellow gold engagement ring with 14k recycled white gold wedding band
{ custom order; sold }

aquamarine wedding ringsA view from the back showing how the wedding band fits into a notch in the back side of the bezel on the engagement ring - a technique I've been utilizing more often lately.

tourmaline engagement ringAfghan tourmaline and recycled 14k palladium white gold engagement ring
{ custom order; sold }

Afghan tourmaline, recycled 14k white gold, and oxidized sterling silver ring
{ custom order; sold }


Anonymous said...

Is that notch in the back of the bezel possible to put into an existing ring? Or does it have to be made at the time of creation?

Tamara said...

It's definitely possible that I could add it to an existing ring - it would just depend on the ring.