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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Work

equality wedding ringsHers & Hers wedding and engagement rings :-)
Left: fair trade grape garnet and recycled 14k white gold rings
Right: Zultanite engagement ring with moissanite wedding band, both in recycled 14k white gold
{ custom order; sold }

recycled gold bandRecycled 14k yellow gold wedding band
{ custom order; sold }

rose gold bandMoissanite and recycled 14k rose gold wedding band
{ custom order; sold }

moissanite engagement ringMoissanite, recycled 14k white gold, and recycled palladium sterling silver engagement ring
{ custom order; sold }

padparadscha sapphire ringMoissanite, Chatham padparadscha sapphire, and palladium sterling silver wedding band
{ custom order; sold }

And an in-progress photo of this batch, because some of you seem to enjoy that kind of thing :-)

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