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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Stones

I purchased some gorgeous new stones... most are available for custom orders. :-)

Afghan tourmaline, 4.5mm (approximately 0.31 carats each)
Sigh... the color is amazing...

Afghan tourmaline, 4.5mm (approximately 0.35 carats each)

Aquamarine cabochons, 9mm x 7mm

Aquamarine cabochon, 15mm x 13mm
(The weird two tone/bulls-eye effect is a trick of the camera - it doesn't exist in person.)

Nevada Variscite - I guess I will 'fess up and admit this one may be for me. :-)

I've been trying to leave my comfort zone a bit and branch out into setting oval stones (some examples of finished pieces) - so I bought some more to experiment with -

Afghan tourmaline

Afghan tourmaline

California green tourmaline


Champagne quartz

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