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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Stones

Because of the limited availability of fair trade / ethically sourced gemstones, it is pretty rare for me to come across a new type of stone that is really beautiful and lives up to my ethical standards. But I am happy to say that today I have made just such a discovery - green moissanite!!!

I had heard vague whispers about green moissanite a few times, but for some reason I always imagined it as a muddy, murky light green (don't ask me why?!?) - in reality, these stones have the most incredible, lovely blue-green color - similar to Afghan tourmaline - but since they are moissanite, they are harder than tourmaline, have better clarity and sparkle, and less environmental footprint (since they are lab created).

I can't wait to work with these beauties!!!

green moissaniteDark green moissanite, 5.5mm

blue moissaniteLight green moissanite, 6mm

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