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Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Stones

Some drop-dead gorgeous new cabs (available for custom orders) -

ajax mine varisciteNevada turquoise (Ajax mine), 20mm x 10mm (6.33 ct.)

variscite cabochonNevada turquoise (Ajax mine), 22mm x 17mm (17.17 ct.)

variscite cabNevada turquoise (Ajax mine), 30mm x 15mm (14.23 ct.)

variscite jewelryNevada variscite (Blue Boy mine), 21mm x 9mm (6.77 ct.)

custom variscite jewelryNevada turquoise (Ajax mine), 16mm x 13mm (6.99 ct.)

custom turquoise jewelryNevada variscite (Blue Boy mine), 21mm x 15mm (11.22 ct.)

ethical turquoise jewelryNevada variscite (Blue Boy mine), 26mm x 15mm (15.16 ct.)

turquoise cabochonNevada variscite (Blue Boy mine), 26mm x 19mm (17.03 ct.)

turquoise cabNevada turquoise (Ajax mine), 24mm x 13mm (16.51 ct.)

variscite cabNevada variscite (Blue Boy mine), 29mm x 9mm (13.19 ct.)

hessonite garnet cabochonHessonite garnet, 9mm (3.66 ct.)

pink tourmaline cabochonCalifornia pink tourmaline, 13mm x 10mm (4.54 ct.)

And other miscellany -

padparadscha sapphire jewelry6mm round Chatham lab-created padparadscha sapphire

fair trade jewelryPeruvian blue opal pendant, 19mm x 19mm (13.27 ct.)

ethical jewelryNevada variscite (Prince mine) pendant, 20mm x 13mm (12.4 ct.)

custom jewelryPisco blue gem chrysocolla pendant, 30mm x 12mm (17.85 ct.)

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