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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Stones

I just received some stones 'on memo' from one of my fair trade suppliers (meaning that I can look them over and keep whichever ones I want and send the rest back) - and I am totally stumped - I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I don't want to send any back, but I can't afford to keep them all. :-)

montana sapphire
 Fair trade Montana sapphire, 7mm (1.73 carat)

green sapphire
 Fair trade Montana sapphire, 7mm (1.67 carat)

2 carat sapphire
Fair trade Montana sapphire, 7.5mm (2.11 carat)

If anyone is in the market for a sapphire ring, let me know soon; I'd love to have an excuse to keep more than just one of these gorgeous stones!

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