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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Diversion

Oh, this is so far off from what I usually post about, it's not even funny... but I need shopping help! Thanks to the Vegan Fashion Blog, I have discovered, and since I recently bought a nice new pair of running shoes, which I have vowed to only wear for running, I really want some casual shoes for Fall that will go with jeans. The problem is, I've found too many options! Please help me decide...

(By the way, this website has a cool feature where you can tell it to show only vegetarian shoes, although I could only find that option in the Womens section, not the Kids, and I did find something listed as vegetarian with suede in the description... still, a nice feature!)

Above - Merrell Women's Primo Hemp, $69.99 (hemp - yay!)

Above - Simple Women's Sugar Jute, $49.99 (best price and I love the color)

Above - Earth Logan, $84.99... pretty pricey but I do love them.

Of course, while I was supposedly looking for casual shoes for me, I also found these fabulous metallic dressy shoes that remind me so much of my Nana (grandma), who was quite fashion conscious and a very spiffy dresser. I want them too!

Above - LifeStride Women's Jan #2, $42.99 - but then I'd have to buy an outfit to wear them with. :-)

And Carlos needs some new shoes too - I want to go with velcro for ease of use, but these Chuck Taylors are irresistable! He has a pair of high-tops like these that are pretty hard to get on and off, but I think these low-tops would probably be quite a bit easier.

Converse Kids' All Star Ox Toddler, $21.99


winterskeeper said...

Hey Tamara. I have the Merrell's - they are super comfy. They also aren't quite as "butter" colored as in the picture. Not sure if I bought a different color or if the photo is slightly off. Anyway they are great.

I've tried two different Simple pairs of shoes. Both times they hurt my feet badly. They are a very hard canvas. I think if I toughed it out, they might have eventually softened up, but I couldn't take the pain.

Lastly, I had a pair of Earth's brand in a mock wool slipper boot. Very comfy, but not much support. Weighed close to nothing. They weren't my favorite, but I didn't hate them either. Looks like there is more support in the style you're looking at.

Let me know what you got and what you think of them. Good luck!

P.S. Did you know Zappos has a Vegan category online for both dress-up and casual shoes?

Vegan_Noodle said...

My vote is for the Simple shoe, I love that color!

Dana said...

I only wear one brand of shoes: earth. I have one pair of vegans, but the rest are varying materials. The negative heel technology has viritually eliminated all neck and shoulder pain I once had. Huge fan. Worth every penny.

Tamara said...

Update - I ordered them all except the Earth shoes (decided I wasn't crazy about the style after all), and I'm going to try them on at home and return whatever doesn't work, since they have free shipping and free returns. :-)

girl least likely to said...

i hate to say this now that you've ordered them, but it seems to me that the simple sneaks (i love them too!) are actually "real" suede. they're not on zappos in the veg category, and on the simple website it's just listed as suede. :(

Tamara said...

Hmm... in the description it just says jute, nothing about suede. I guess I will find out when they get here. Needless to say, if they are suede, they will go back!!!

girl least likely to said...

i think the jute is just the laces. weird, hey?

Tamara said...

It does say jute laces, but it also says 'Soft woven jute fabric upper' ... I hope that's right. I'll let you know when they get here. :-)