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Friday, November 7, 2008

My ass is in trouble

My fellow vegans (and non-vegans) - have you tried these yet?
Where have I been - hiding under a rock? Oh man, these are amazing.

Caramel Pirate's Booty

Oh, and by the way, if you do an Amazon search for 'caramel booty', be prepared for results like this -

You're welcome.


Vegan Girl said...

Hey you found the page I've been looking for with some carmel booty on it. :) Just joking, I'm a happily married straight white woman, not that there's anything wrong with that :)

Tamara said...

You just keep tellin' yourself that, Roni. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I loooove carmel booty.

Skye & Edie said...

Hahahahaha! And seriously, you JUST discovered caramel booty? I thought Californians were supposed to be ahead of the curve?

Contrariwise said...

Hmmmm...I try not to buy it. I can eat the whole bag by myself.