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Monday, February 2, 2009

New Work

Yesterday I was playing around with an idea that's been bouncing around in my brain for a while... with most of my wedding ring designs, if the stone is wider than the band, it won't stack nicely with a wedding band because the setting for the stone protrudes beyond the edges of the band. But some people might prefer a narrower band, even with a large stone, so I had the idea to offset the stone, which would allow a wedding band to sit snugly against the bottom of the engagement ring.

This is just a mock-up, with the stone resting in the setting, but not permanently secured yet. It shows a 6mm moissanite on a 3mm wide band.

moissanite engagement ring
I like it, but I think for the final version I'd like to try it in white gold (this one is sterling silver) with a matching band below. I didn't want to waste the practice piece though, so I set this gorgeous fair-trade sapphire in it instead -

sapphire engagement ring
I think it turned out pretty cool. :-) I also just finished this chunkier version of a ring I've made before - this one features another fair trade Australian sapphire (also 6mm, as compared with the 5mm stone I used in the original).

sapphire jewelry
It's a custom order - already spoken for, but I have another similar stone on hand in case anyone else wants something similar.

fair trade sapphire
Hope you all had a lovely weekend - I've been housebound with a sick toddler for nearly a week and am finally getting out today to do some leafleting at the local junior college, so that should be fun.

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