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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Stones

green tourmalineCalifornia green tourmaline, 5mm

square green tourmalineCalifornia green tourmaline, 5mm

nevada turquoise jewelryNevada turquoise -
Top left: 15mm x 24mm (6.5mm dome)
Top right: 15mm x 20mm (4mm dome)
Bottom left: 19mm x 23mm (8mm dome)
Bottom right: 15mm x 23mm (6mm dome)

poppy jasperCalifornia poppy jasper -
Top: 19.5mm x 34mm (6.5mm dome)
Bottom left: 20mm x 26.5mm (5.5mm dome)
Bottom right: 17mm x 26.5mm (5mm dome)

yellow opalCalifornia lemon opal (very rare) -
Left: 11.5mm x 16mm (4.5 mm dome)
Right: 11.5mm x 14.5mm (5.5 mm dome)

binghamiteMinnesota binghamite (aka American Tiger Eye; also quite rare) -
14.5mm x 31mm (5mm dome)

gem chrysocolla
Saving my favorite for last...
Arizona gem chrysocolla with sagenite crystals (again, very rare) -
Top left: 17mm x 20mm (3.5mm dome)
Top right: 16mm x 22mm (5mm dome)
Bottom: 18.5mm x 23mm (8mm dome)

As usual, if you see something you love, shoot me an email and we can chat about a custom order. :-)

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