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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Stones

I got several new Zultanite stones the other day and I am madly in love with them. If I were in a position to design a wedding ring for myself right now, I can honestly say that I would choose Zultanite over moissanite; much as I love moissanite, there's something about the chameleon color changes in Zultanite that just totally wow me.*

Zultanite is a 100% natural gemstone with no enhancements. It is ethically mined with environmentally sound methods and fair wages for miners. Zultanite is extremely rare; only one mine produces genuine Zultanite, in the remote mountains of Turkey. This gorgeous stone has natural color change properties, showing green in sunlight and fluorescent light, and displaying pink and/or yellow flashes in soft incandescent light and candlelight. {sigh}

All of these stones are available for custom orders. Email me for details or take a peek at previous rings I've made featuring this amazing stone.

* I'm afraid my photos do a poor job of illustrating the beautiful color changes that occur with Zultanite - take a look at my supplier's site to get a better sense of the color variation.

fair trade gemstonesFair trade Zultanite, 6mm (1.06 carats)

zultaniteFair trade Zultanite, 6.5mm (1.28 carats)

ethical gemstonesFair trade Zultanite, 7mm (1.54 carats)

custom zultanite jewelryFair trade Zultanite, 7mm (1.68 carats)

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