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Monday, June 18, 2007

Latest Offerings...

I can't seem to stop making these huge oversized cocktail rings. (Have you noticed that I get kind of obsessive about things?) I did something a little different with this one - I wrapped coiled wire the whole way around the ring band, and it gives it a lot more substantial feel on your hand.

Lime Rickey cocktail ring -
Smoky quartz, AA peridot, & sterling silver

It's odd, when I buy beads for my bead shop, sometimes the things I think are going to fly right off the shelves end up sitting around for a long time, and often they are things that I really love myself! Such was the case with these sweet, tiny little peridot beads - I'm selling full strands for only $8, which seems like a great deal to me, but they haven't sold well, and I'm trying to clear out some old inventory to make room for new (coming in the next couple of weeks - yay!), so I decided to make something myself with these lovely peridot beads. Take a look at that clasp - it's a work of art in its own right! (I can't take credit though, I bought it.)

Nine-strand peridot & Bali silver necklace

And finally, here are some simple earrings incorporating a couple of my new Bali beads with some charcoal grey Swarovski simulated pearls and handmade earwires. I really like the way the smooth, glossy pearls contrast with the nubby Bali silver beads.

Swarovski pearl & Bali silver earrings

So, back to the inventory clearout topic - I thought I would give you all some advance notice that I'll be marking a bunch of my beads down sometime in the next couple of days to try to make room for some of the gorgeous new stuff I have on the way. {Would you like a hint? Oh, okay... aqua chalcedony and prehnite will both be back in stock, as well as two varieties of labradorite that I had run out of, plus some cool new stuff - moonstone, green garnet, rhodolite garnet, citrine, iolite, and more!} I'll try to remember to post pics of the sale beads soon.

And on a totally unrelated but equally delicious topic, remember those vegan cinnamon rolls I mentioned earlier? Well, I made them yesterday for the second time and actually remembered to take a picture. I don't know if the pure deliciousness comes through or not in two dimensions, but here it is.

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Adorned by Morgan said...

So many delish things in one post! I love the peridot and Bali necklace and I want a bite of those cinammon rolls!

I went to a new vegan place (new to me) in the Village yesterday after work called Red Bamboo. They have a mouth-watering menu... but anyway, I tried bread crumb-crusted vegan shrimp for the first time and it was really good. Have you ever had?