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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My First Vegan Product Review! Eco-Planet Organic Crackers

So I was thinking, I do buy a fair amount of vegan products, so it might be fun to write up some reviews from time to time. I'm going to start out with these Eco-Planet organic crackers I recently ordered from Vegan Essentials.

eco-planet crackers

I like the taste, and Carlos and Matt both like them as well. They taste somewhat like I remember Cheez-its tasting, only a bit thicker and puffier. I'm a little freaked out by their atomic orange color though.

My only other complaints:

  • Most of the crackers were really broken up; hardly any were still whole. I don't know if this is a problem with the crackers themselves being ultra-fragile, or if the delivery person had some kind of mishap with my package en route.

  • The box top doesn't have a little slot-n-flap setup to seal it closed like most cracker/cereal/etc. boxes do. I know it's minor but it bugs me.

On to the good stuff:

  • I like the eco-groovy message. The crackers come in shapes to teach kids about helping the planet - a sun for solar energy, an earth for earth friendly, a windmill for wind energy, and a hybrid-looking car for green cars. Then the box talks about each of those things.
  • 1% of the company's sales benefit environmental causes.

  • No trans fat and zero grams of sugar.

Overall, I like them; the flavor is great - the only thing that may prevent me from buying them again is how broken they are. I actually ate some with a spoon the other day because it's mostly just tiny pieces.

Through Vegan Essentials, they cost $3.89 for a 6 ounce box.

The final verdict: 3.5 carrots


girl least likely to said...

it wasn't the delivery man; it's the crackers. i picked some of these up in person a couple of weeks ago (five boxes! whee!) and i learned that breakage is pretty typical. i think it's because the designs are imprinted so deeply into the crackers, if that makes sense. that aside, i LOVE them!

James said...

You guys are correct on the breakage. Without getting technical, the design is too deep. We know that and have fixed the underlying issue.

The great news is the product tates fantastic. Give us a little time to filter the product out to retail.

The Company's Owner