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Friday, November 16, 2007

Labradorite Madness

I made a bunch of labradorite rings today; several are special orders, and a few will go up in my shop for general consumption. :-)

Custom order for cmsilver
(I've never paired labradorite with this patterned metal before because I've always thought that it goes so well with the clean, modern lines of plain metal, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like this! I'll be making more...)

...and another view of the same ring

Labradorite & sterling silver, size 7

Faceted round AA-color labradorite (14mm) with hammered sterling silver band, size 7

Smooth cushion cut AA-color labradorite (13mm) with hammered sterling silver band, size 6.5

...and another view of the same ring

Custom order for pinkpoppystudio

Custom order for smokingdrum

Rectangular labradorite & sterling silver, size 8

Obviously not labradorite, but here's a lapis ring I made a long time ago but just got around to oxidizing today. I like the distressed finish on this one.


JudyM said...

Again, beautiful rings! I really like the one for cmsilver, and also like the patterned metal with the stone. I also like the distressed finish with the lapis...they're all pretty.

Julia said...

Wow, again I'm stunned by how beautiful these rings turn out. It looks very nice with the flashy labradorite together with a smooth silver band. Do you get these cabochons also in a slightly smaller size?

Tamara said...

Thanks Julia and Judy. Julia, the smallest size I have right now is the 12mm round stones, but I could possibly order smaller ones in the future. Let me know if you're interested in a custom order. :-)