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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gem Show, Part 2

New beads from the gem show...

sapphire briolette beadMulticolored sapphire pear briolettes, 6-7.5mm

iolite briolette beadIolite onion briolettes, 5-6mm

labradorite briolette beadLabradorite round briolettes, 9mm

rainbow moonstone brioletteMoonstone briolettes, 13-17mm

iolite briolette beadIolite pear briolettes, 10-11mm

moss aquamarine beadMoss aquamarine pear briolettes, 7-11mm

amethyst onion briolettePink amethyst onion briolettes, 7-8mm

aquamarine marquis brioletteAquamarine marquis briolettes, 15-19mm

ametrine bead brioletteAmetrine oval briolettes, 7-9mm

hessonite garnet brioletteHessonitne garnet briolettes, 6-7.5mm

aquamarine bead brioletteAquamarine pear briolettes, 9-14mm


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!! Can you please let me know the price of the pink amethyst? Any inclusions?

Tamara said...

I can't see any inclusions with my naked eyes. :-) They are really pretty. Seven briolettes will go for $28.

Anonymous said...

tamara, make a listing for rajani...