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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is awesome - please watch.


Canaduck said...

Very awesome!! Thanks for posting it; I will send it around!

Gaby Santiago said...

Really cool. Thanks for this, Tamara!

It made me cry because, after being vegetarian for more than 12 years, I ate fish lastnite. I'm 4 month pregnant and there's a serious concern about me not gaining weight and so affecting my baby for this "philosophy of life" I follow.

I drink protein smoothies, lots of mycoprotein and soy as much as I can handle but after loosing 10 pounds and being underweight, I had no choice.

I really feel guilty for eating fish and I wish I could go through my whole pregnancy cruelty-free.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Tamara said...

Oh Gaby, that's such a tough situation. I'm sorry!

Here are a few links - I hope you find them helpful...

If those articles are too general and you have specific issues (like your weight loss), you might try contacting either Jack Norris ( or Dina Aronson (, both of whom are vegan nutritionists who would probably be happy to give you some advice.

Good luck!


Adam Kochanowicz said...

I'm not sure why you think you need fish. For one thing, fish is a terrible thing for pregnant mothers due to its high mercury content which causes brain damage. If you need to gain more weight, I would suggest eating high caloric foods. And please go vegan! The milk and eggs which are inclusive in a vegetarian diet are not only tremendously cruel to animals but is terrible for a human diet. All nutrients a pregnant mother needs can be found from vegan sources.

Gaby Santiago said...

Thank you, Tamara!

I was really looking forward reading your post. I have already read those websites and they have very valuable information.

I'm still vomiting and the nausea is awful and this is week 17!
I am consulting a dietitian who can probably help me to get what I need to get.

Feeling guilty is not helping at all, I still feel compassion towards animals and I wouldn't eat/kill other beings. I have tried as much as I can and it sounds easy to become vegan but when you have a growing human depending ENTIRELY on you, the choices are reduced. Two different doctors recommended me to eat fish at least once a week and I was totally ignoring them during all this time.

I have decided to resume my vegetarian life once the baby is born and make my baby vegetarian as well.

Thank you again, Tamara, for being helpful and encouraging me instead of criticizing or blaming me. This is the attitude that can teach others about compassion instead of pushing them away because "vegetarians/vegans are just too radical or too narrow minded."