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Monday, November 1, 2010

Gems at the LA Natural History Museum

I thought you might all be interested in seeing some photos I took at the gemstone exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum last week. The exhibit was huge and totally amazing - I highly recommend it to anyone interested in shiny pretty rocks! I took way more pictures, but not all of them turned out too well since the lighting was kind of weird in there...

I thought it was neat to see the Chatham lab-created stones in crystal form; they also had some Chatham sapphires and rubies there.

I fell so in love with these amazing sapphires that I had to go online today and find some for myself - mine aren't quite as intensely colored as these, but still really gorgeous. I'm hoping to set them as natural stones, like these (ie unfaceted). Looking forward to experimenting!

How cool is this?

We are so lucky in California - just look at this amazing wealth of material right here in our own backyard!

I thought these opals were pretty awesome! And they photographed well, unlike many others...

Here I am with a big old chunk of Wyoming jade. Matt took this picture so we could send it to Don Francisco back in Guatemala. :-)

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