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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is there a support group for parents of gluteally challenged children???

Help! My boy has no butt!!! If we don't put a onesie him, his diaper falls off. It was sunny today and I wanted to try out some shorts... first we tried the 12 month ones (Carlos is 18 months old), but those fell off, so then we tried the 9 month ones, and they still fall off...

I guess he's sporting the gangsta look. Do they make suspenders for little kids???


Dana said...

I've got one "with back" and another with a sliver for a butt. The butt guy looks like a football player running through the locker room when he zips through the house trying to escape bath time. A rock solid tan booty scooting all over the place!

About Us said...

Too cute Dana.