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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just for Fun

I'm making up a new meme - it's called 'What's in your jewelry box?' and it's very simple - post pictures of as many or as few of your own jewelry pieces, with or without descriptions. By 'your own jewelry pieces,' I mean ones you have kept for yourself and wear regularly - not just the things you make and sell to other people (if you're a jewelry designer). I'm curious to see what kinds of things other jewelry designers wear themselves - I think it's interesting to get a glimpse of each artist's personal style; I know that I tend to wear things that are generally more understated than a lot of what I design and sell to other people. It's not that I don't love the fancy stuff; it's just that I am usually a jeans-and-a-tshirt kind of girl. So here you go, a look inside my own personal jewelry stash...

This is my simple 'everyday' necklace - a sterling silver photo charm (with Carlos' picture of course) and labradorite pendant on a basic sterling snake chain.

Matt got me these earrings a while back and I love them - they are just basic sterling hoops but I love the way they open and close - the joint is virtually invisible.

Again, very simple (are you sensing a theme here?) and basic, but this one has sentimental value because we got it on our first trip to Guatemala when we met Carlos. It's sterling silver and jade.

This is my most recent purchase. I very rarely buy jewelry from other artists now that I'm making it myself, but I had to have this ring from Down to the Wire Designs. It was a custom order; I saw another like this but with a different stone in his shop and I mailed him this pink tourmaline cab (my birthstone) to use for my ring. It just arrived the other day and I haven't taken it off since except to take this picture.

I have these for sale in my Etsy shop and nobody has bought them. I can't figure out why - I love them! I can do them in lots of different colors, but this one is perfect for me because it stands out against my dark hair. I wore these today, as a matter of fact.

These are also for sale in my shop, and I had to make a set for myself. They go with everything and are small and simple. I've sold quite a few of this design.

Another offering from my shop that I had to have for myself... AAA garnet on a delicate sterling silver chain. This one is called the Ella necklace.

This one has been for sale in my shop for about a month and I finally couldn't resist the pull any longer - it's mine now. I'm hoping to get more of these rectangular labradorite cabochons though, so I can make more. I've gotten several inquiries lately from people wanting me to recreate it for them in a different size, but I'm out of cabs! Grr.

Another of my own designs, this one is my wire wrapped Swarovski vegan pearl ring in Misty Grey. I love the way the pearl picks up the colors of what you're wearing and seems to blend with almost anything.

This is my one exception to my otherwise 'nothing too fancy' personal style. It's an Eni Oken inspired wire wrapped bracelet with green garnet, citrine, Bali silver, Swarovski simulated pearls, lemon jade, serpentine, and ocean jasper. I love the way all the stones work together. I don't wear it often but when I do, I really enjoy it.

And last but certainly not least, my wedding ring. It's not looking its best here - it could use a cleaning, but I love it. The center band is carved in an antique-inspired orange blossom pattern. Simple and delicate, perfect!

And now I get to pick five people to tag...


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Vegan_Noodle said...

What a beautiful jewelry collection! And a cool idea for a meme!

Rae said...

Beautiful pieces, Tamara!

And I've tagged back(?)! You can see my own personal jewelry pieces here:

Fun, fun, fun. :-) --Rae