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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Delivery Day!

I got a package today filled with all kinds of treasures...

12mm faceted prasiolite (green amethyst) cabochons

12mm cushion shaped prehnite cabochons - great color!

12mm cushion shaped rutilated quartz cabochons

8mm turquoise cabochons

Rhodolite garnet briolette drops

Enormous citrine cabochon

Slightly smaller citrine cabs

8mm labradorite cabs

12mm faceted labradorite cabochons

12mm pink amethyst faceted cabs (I think these are my favorite)

I also restocked some items that I had run out of - faceted labradorite rondelles, rainbow moonstone briolettes, and labradorite 'rice' briolettes.


Mei said...

Wow! what those are lovely gems. I can only dream.

Lotta said...

No matter how much I drool, I can't afford all those lovely beads. I really need to buy a tumbler and tools and stuff, but I use too much money on beads.

Is there some easy way in Blogger that I missed to put the links over the banner like you have? If you don't feel like sharing, that's OK, I'm just always so impressed with the nice looking solutions you find for your blog.

Tamara said...

lotta, I have had ongoing problems with my Blogger header - sometimes it omits some of my images/links, and sometimes it doesn't, and I can't for the life of me figure out why - it's very frustrating. So I changed it recently so that even when the images aren't working, the links still work. I just built it all with HTML.

Lotta said...

I should have guessed, you do HTML too! There is no end to the things you know, is there? :)

Take care,