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Monday, February 25, 2008


I am totally exhausted... Carlos has been really sick the past couple of days with a high temperature and the most persistent cough I've ever heard. The coughing has been keeping him (and me) from getting any decent sleep so we're all pretty wiped out. I took him to the doctor today and she said he has an ear infection and possibly pneumonia. He got antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine for night time; hopefully he'll be his usual self again soon. In the meantime he has been even more clingy than usual and I haven't had time to do much other than medicate and soothe him and watch movies with him. I think the codeine finally kicked in though so I'm trying to catch up on a huge backlog of work. Here are some beads I bought the other day - I have no idea when I'll get around to listing them in my shop but here's a sneak peek.

ametrine marquis briolettesAmetrine marquis briolettes

Andalusite marquis briolettesAndalusite marquis briolettes

faceted fluorite briolettesFluorite briolettes

faceted garnet beadsFaceted garnet 'rice'beads

faceted iolite briolettesIolite briolettes

faceted garnet briolettesGarnet briolettes

smoky lemon quartzSmoky lemon quartz marquis briolettes

affordable tourmaline beadsAffordable tourmaline oval beads

faceted prehnite beadsFaceted prehnite beads

cheap tourmaline beadsAffordable tourmaline 'brick' beads

rose quartz briolettesRose quartz marquis briolettes

faceted sapphire beadsLarge multicolored sapphire rondelles

large spinel rondellesEven larger red/pink spinel rondelles

pink green tourmalineFaceted multicolored tourmaline 'rice' beads

I also bought some yummy labradorite cabochons...

labradorite cabochonsThese will go up for sale eventually...

labradorite will these...

labradorite cabochons...and these...

labradorite cabochons(another view of the same ones, showing the flash better on the lower right cab, which I think is actually spectrolite)

labradorite cabochonsAnd these are the ones I'm hoarding for my own designs, so if you really love one of them and would like a custom ring, let me know.

My supplier offered me a smokin' deal on some gorgeous bezel set gemstone pendants, so I couldn't resist stocking up. I've already used some in my own designs (to be posted next), but I bought plenty to sell as well.

faceted amethyst pendantFaceted amethyst & sterling silver

amethyst pendant necklaceFaceted amethyst & sterling silver

I'm totally blanking on the name of this stone... a little help?

charoite silver pendantCharoite & sterling silver

kyanite silver pendantKyanite & sterling silver

faceted labradorite pendantAnd now let the labradorite love-fest begin...

faceted labradorite pendantOoooh...

faceted labradorite pendantAaaaaah...

faceted labradorite pendant{sigh} do I really want to part with this one??? methinks perhaps not.

faceted labradorite pendantYum!

large labradorite pendantIs it too redundant to say 'sigh' again?

orange labradorite pendantLovin' that orange fire!

lapis lazuli pendantLapis & sterling silver

freeform pietersite pendantOn to a parade of pietersite...

silver pietersite pendantSo pretty!

silver pietersite pendantLove these markings...

red pietersite pendant...and the color in this one is to-die-for.

ruby large pendantRubies!!!

ruby fuschite pendantRuby fuschite (only got one of these, darn!)

rutilated quartz pendantRutilated quartz & sterling silver

Eek, that was a huge post... hope you enjoyed the eye candy. Now if Carlos keeps sleeping for a bit I suppose I could post some new designs...


beakee said...

That green pendant is seraphinite? Looks like a fabulous haul you got there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did enjoy the eye candy. So many beautiful colors and pieces. Hang in there with Carlos; I bet he will start improving today. Poor little guy.

Vegan Girl said...

Wow really pretty colors. I love the garnets and the rose quartz and I really like the pendants in the last picture.

Vegan_Noodle said...

My goodness!! They are all so gorgeous...
Hope carlos is feeling better :-)