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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exciting News!

Well, it's finally happened - after months of plotting and scheming, I have finally managed to hire a part-time assistant! Lucky for me, my new employee is also my Aunt Judy. :-) Besides being an all-around awesome person, she is extremely reliable and detail oriented - perfect for the things I'll be needing help with. Judy is going to be handling all of the order processing and shipping for my bead shop, and once she's mastered that, who knows what else we might tackle. It feels great to have some help with the bead side of things so I can spend more time making jewelry. So everyone join me in welcoming Judy to the growing McFarland Designs/BestBeads empire (ha ha)!


winterskeeper said...

Welcome, Aunt Judy!

Vegan Girl said...

Hooray Aunt Judy, thanks for helping out!