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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lovely Loveliness

New beads - woohoo!!! Most are available for custom orders.

Pink tourmaline, 12mm round, 7.6 carat

Nevada Variscite, 20mm x 36mm, 29.4 carat

California vesuviantie, 12mm x 14mm, 5.4 carat

Violet chalcedony
Upper left - 14mm x 21mm, 14.8 carat
Lower right - 10mm x 12mm, 3.9 carat

Peruvian chrysocolla, 26mm, 29.2 carat

Mexican fire opal
Upper left - 13mm x 18mm, 7.0 carat
Upper right - 11mm x 16mm, 6.2 carat
Bottom - 10mm x 14mm, 4.3 carat

Mexican fire opal
Upper left - 9mm round, 1.9 carat
Upper right - 11mm, 2.2 carat
Bottom - 10mm x 11mm, 3.0 carat

Upper left: 9.5mm x 11.5mm, 8.1 carat
Lower right: 10.5mm x 14mm, 8.7 carat

Hexagonal aquamarine, 12mm, 7.3 carat

(same cab; top view)

Bicolor tourmaline, 8mm x 13mm, 6.1 carat

Peruvian blue opal, 12mm x 13.5mm, 5.1 carat

Cat's eye blue tourmaline
Upper left - 10mm x 14mm, 6.9 carat
Right - 8.5mm, 3.5 carat
Lower left - 9.5mm, 5.5 carat

Also some new shaded ruby beads for the bead shop. Yum!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, love the tourmaline, bicolor tourmaline and the shaded ruby. Did I leave out something?.