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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, so I am not one of those people who notices and remembers prices on every item in the grocery store. I don't clip coupons. I don't drive all the way across town to save five cents a pound on potatoes or whatever. However, even I have noticed the incredible spike in food prices lately. Today I spent ELEVEN DOLLARS on four organic red bell peppers, and my two five-pound bags of flour (one white, one white whole wheat) were around eight bucks each! If I remember correctly, just a few short months ago, they were about half that much. And the flour wasn't even organic, although it was purchased at one of our local natural food stores, which I'm sure is more expensive than the regular grocery store. Yowza!

What are you all doing to cope with this? I know for me, it's strengthening my resolve to put in a much larger vegetable garden next year. Beyond that, I'm at a loss...

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Anonymous said...

yeah Tamra, extra gardening is good.

this is what I do, go to your local farmers market, In addition to organic vegetables(We eat about 90 Percent Organic foods), you will also find conventional veggies but they do NOT use pesticides, you can ask the farmer he will provide all the information.

Plus it is a lot of fun for Carlos too. RHEA enjoys it a lot...

A lot of good corn,cucumbers, peppers are in season now.

FLOURS,GRAINS- GOD HELP US!!!- I am not sure if you have a Whole Foods? Buy from the bulk bin -- They are a little cheaper, plus you can take your own plastic bags and help Mother Earth.

I have cut down on baking muffins and other goodies, happy with rice, naan and homemade bread..

You should clip coupons...Eating healthy is expensive...