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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping trip part two - faceted gemstones

In addition to the cabs I bought yesterday, I also had fun buying lots of faceted stones. Again, most of these are available for custom orders, so email me if you see something you need. :-)

oregon sunstoneOregon sunstone, 5mm

green tourmalineCalifornia golden green tourmaline, 5.5mm

blue tourmalineAfghan blue tourmaline, 5.5mm

green tourmaline gemstoneCalifornia green tourmaline, 5.5mm

pink tourmalineCalifornia pink tourmaline, 6.5mm

pink tourmaline gemstoneCalifornia pink tourmaline, 5mm

spessartine garnet gemstoneTiny little spessartine garnets, 2.5mm

champagne quartzCalifornia champagne quartz, 7mm

afghan tourmaline gemstoneAfghan blue-green tourmaline, 5mm

andradite garnet gemstoneTeeny-weeny andradite garnets, 2.5mm

gary peterson gemstoneThis one is really special - a gorgeous African garnet cut by expert US gem cutter Gary Peterson. It's pretty big too - 2.59 carats (8mm).

gemstone garnetThis is the back view of that same garnet.

arizona amethystArizona amethyst, 7mm

amethyst gemstoneArizona amethyst, 5mm

amethystArizona amethyst, 6.5mm

amethyst faceted gemstoneArizona amethyst, 5.5mm

aquamarine gemstoneNigerian aquamarine, 5mm

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Anonymous said...

Great Loot, I love the Nigerian Aquamarine.