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Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is the deal with Herbivore? and other ramblings

To those of you who live in or visit the San Francisco bay area, I ask you - What is up with Herbivore? I have been there several times over the past couple of years, and I always start with great expectations, and I am generally disappointed. I don't want to be disappointed - I want to like it! But everything I've eaten there is just kind of blah. So tell me - (a) do you like it? and (b) if so, what do you usually order?

I guess I should back up. I've been in San Francisco the last couple of days visiting my brother and my nephew. I wish I could say I have photos to share, but my camera got left in a restaurant and by the time we realized it and went back a couple of hours later, it was long gone. I hope the person who stole it is having fun with it. I bought a new one today at Target* and lo and behold, the idiot salesperson sold me an incompatible memory card. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaorrrrrrrrrrlll.

* I despise Target.

Anyway, back to Herbivore - we went there for dinner the first night I was in town and my mom and I shared some cold spring rolls and a papaya salad. All I can say is - blah. No flavor to speak of; just blandity-bland. It was so nice of my family to seek out a vegetarian restaurant for me, and then I felt kind of ashamed of the whole vegan population when the food was so unexciting. I know we can do SO much better!

I suppose I could also regale you with tales of The Runniest Poop Ever, the feces explosion later that same night that escaped Carlos' diaper in more directions than I would have thought possible, and ended up badly soiling the carpet in the back of my car, where I stupidly tried to change him without a pad underneath. Said carpet soilage necessitated the purchase of one of those little carpet-scrubby-pod thingies at Target as well today, and I will end my post on a positive note by reporting that it worked fabulously and my car seems to now be free of its former craptastic odor.

But really, I'm having a fun trip! Really.


winterskeeper said...

Try this one:
Greens Restaurant
Building A, Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, CA 94123

It's right on the water. Lovely. Yummy.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Had to laugh about the poo incident...

I will be in SF next weekend (will you still be there??).. and was thinking about herbivore for breakfast but I've heard similar things that you experienced. My favorite place there has to be Millennium. So worth it. Oh, and Maggie Mudd for ice cream. Hope you're still having fun!