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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I love Peaceful Prairie

Ah, she's done it again. There's a new post by the amazing and talented Joanna Lucas on the Peaceful Prairie blog. Her posts are few and far between, but so worth the wait. This time she writes about some of the chickens at the sanctuary. I strongly encourage you to read the whole thing, but if you're pressed for time, at least read this last paragraph...
She dreams of her peaceful world, head snuggled under my arm, I dream of mine: a world where the wretched of the earth are free to live on their own terms -- not ours -- and die of their own failings -- not ours. But it's one and the same world -- the world we carry imprinted in our sentient souls. The world we all need, seek, crave, bruise ourselves struggling to build, ache to have and to hold, wither without. The world on the other side of the catastrophically unjust and unbalanced world that our species has created. We call it a vegan world. But it is not a new, separate, or special world. It is not a world apart. It's just the world. This world. Restored.
Thank you Joanna.

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Gaby Santiago said...

THANK YOU for sharing this site with us. I read the thread on the chicks and I'm crying.
It is just so beautifully stated and while some of the pictures are heart-rending, there are others that are simply so beautiful because they depict the animal solidarity, their empathy towards each other.
They are consoling each other in times where it seems that it's better to die than keep putting up with so much cruelty and pain.

I myself had chicken pets when I was a child (my parents didn't think they were pets, awful) and seeing those pictures brought me back memories of those kind beings.

Thank you again for sharing the link.