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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turkey Eggs

We recently enjoyed a couple of weeks of unseasonably warm weather, and I think it fooled the chickens into laying eggs again (they had stopped for the winter a while back) - and we got our first turkey eggs too! They are so pretty, all speckly and huge.

Here's a turkey egg with a chicken egg, for size comparison.

Awww... Hazel wants an egg.

What a sweet face - doesn't she look so innocent?

She has cute paws too.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

How did we go from turkey eggs to dog paws? I don't know but they both have the cuteness factor going for them.

Gaby Santiago said...

I love the dog's face! so so so cute!

Do you eat the turkey egg? I mean, it was not fertilized and it's hormone free, right?
I want to give up eggs (due to cruelty reasons) but I need the proteins and me and DH think on getting 3 or 4 little hens and get eggs from them. I wouldn't set them in cages, they'd be free and with a nice veggie diet. I still feel bad about that, like they are my slaves...
What do you think about it? I respect your opinion since you are a very honorable person who cares for animals.

Tamara said...

Yeah I know, that was a little disjointed, wasn't it? Hazel just snuck into that photo with the eggs and then I got distracted by her and started snapping pictures of her too. :-)

Tamara said...

Hi Gaby,

It's great that you're giving it so much thought. :-) Personally, no, I don't eat eggs from our chickens or turkeys, because part of my own view of veganism is a strong belief that I can find all the nutrients I need from a plant based diet, without turning to animals for any of my food needs.

That being said though, I really have no ethical problem with the idea of people eating eggs from their own chickens, so long as the chickens are well cared for. They need a nice safe place to stay at night where predators can't get to them, and some freedom to peck at bugs and grass during the day and take dust baths. If they have those things, I really don't see an ethical problem with eating their eggs; I just choose not to myself. I think it's just been so long that the idea of eating eggs also really just grosses me out. They are, after all, the menstrual product of a chicken! :-) Plus, I once heard that egg whites are something like 99% identical to human snot. Gross!

Also, be careful not to over-emphasize your body's need for protein. Of course I realize it's an essential nutrient; however, a lot of research has shown that the standard North American diet often contains way more protein than we really need, and this can be detrimental as well. When we eat too much protein, our bones become less able to absorb the calcium in our foods, so excessive amounts of protein can actually lead to calcium deficiencies and things like osteoporosis.

Vegan sources of protein include all types of whole grains - rice, barley, oats, 7- and 12- grain cereal mixes, and quinoa, which is a true super-food, and very high in protein. Oh, and don't forget whole wheat pasta! All kinds of beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, etc.

Well, I will quit lecturing now! Hope I didn't make you sorry you asked. :-)


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Awwww..... There's absolutely a very high cute-factor here!

Look at Hazel's gentle peaceful eyes (and I agree, she has super cute paws too!)

Love your pictures, keep 'em coming!

Have a super day! Nat :)