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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Work

Yikes, two weeks since my last post - I think that's a record for lazy blogging on my part! Carlos and I were both sick for a while (swine flu, I suspect, but who knows), and since then I've been kind of overwhelmed with trying to get caught up with work. To top things off, our beloved rooster, Chuck Norris, is very sick (probably Marek's disease, for you fellow chicken keepers), and the prospects don't look good, so much mental energy is being devoted to him right now.

Anyways, onward and upward - I do have some new things to share.

tashmarine ringFair trade tashmarine and recycled 14k palladium white gold ring, size 6.5

oregon sunstone ringOregon sunstone and recycled 14k white gold ring
{ custom order; sold }

moissanite gold ringMoissanite and recycled 14k yellow gold ring
{ custom order; sold }

nevada variscite jewelryNevada variscite and recycled sterling silver ring
{ custom order; sold }


Please send positive vibes for Chuck...


Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

Poor guy, I hope he recovers soon. I think Chuck Norris has GOT to be the best rooster name ever. =)

Helenes Dreams said...

Hi Tamara,

I hope you both are feeling better too as well as your little friend. Have a good holiday season!