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Sunday, November 1, 2009

One for me!

I've been wanting to attempt to re-work my wedding ring for a long time but have been scared to mess up the intricate band... finally today, after thinking about how infrequently I ever even wore it in its former version, I worked up the courage to try it.

Old version:

New version:

What do you think? I am really happy with it. I really don't like prong settings, and the old stone was just too small. I think the new version is much prettier, and I like how the line of the bezel echos the lines on either side of the band. :-)


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

I LOVE IT! I'm not big on prong settings either, so I totally understand what you mean.

Well done!
Nat :)

girl least likely to said...

it's beautiful, tamara! i really love it.

Julia said...

It looks really pretty!

Haven't you been wearing your wedding ring in some of your product photos? Can't remember seeing a stone in it though - maybe you turned it so that the stone was on the back?

Anyway, the re-worked version is beautiful and looking at the style, it's a typical McFarland Designs ring :)

AKM said...

Beautiful! I love bezel settings.

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Are you going to make something with the diamond you took out?

Tamara said...

I hadn't thought about it Roni, but that's a good idea... maybe a necklace or something.

Christa C said...

Beautiful and much more striking!