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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy Deliciousness

I got a new shipment of Zultanite today, and I am speechless. I am so in love with these stones!

zultaniteZultanite, 6.5mm

round zultaniteZultanite, 6.5mm

custom zultanite jewelryZultanite, 7mm

custom zultanite ringZultanite, 7mm

zultaniteZultanite, 7mm

zultaniteZultanite, 7.5mm

zultaniteZultanite, 7.5mm

zultaniteZultanite, 7.5mm

zultaniteZultanite, 8mm

zultaniteZultanite, 8mm

zultanite jewelryZultanite, 8mm

zultanite ringZultanite, 8.5mm

zultaniteZultanite, 8.5mm

Is it boring when I post this many photos of the same type of stone? To me, each one is unique and beautiful but maybe it's just me. :-)


Julia said...

Nope, not boring. I'm trying not to drool here :)

Patrick said...

they are all beautiful.

JudyM said...

They are all gorgeous, and not a bit boring.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! i hope i get proposed to with one of your stunning zultanite rings!