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Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Cabs

These are the cabs I found at the gem show I mentioned in my previous post. They are available for custom ring and pendant/necklace orders...

Some pretty turquoise cabs - I love the darker markings on these!

And I bought a ton of pietersite...

This one has the most incredible color and markings of the bunch - it will make a gorgeous pendant.

aren't these amazing???


so pretty!


And here are lots and lots of smaller oval cabs that are going to make some beautiful rings. It was difficult to get good pictures without the white glarey spots - they are a hundred times more gorgeous than this picture shows.

This is a better photo, surprisingly... I normally don't photograph my stones in direct sunlight, but it looks like maybe pietersite likes direct light. All of the ring cabs have markings just as beautiful as this - I could truly sit with this pile of cabs and stare at them all day long...

And this amazing blue stone is pietersite too! Isn't it awesome?

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