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Friday, October 5, 2007


Faceted green amethyst on floral patterned band
(the stone is a little wiggly; I need to see if I can snug up the bezel... also undecided whether I should antique the silver or not?)

Labradorite, as usual

Faceted lapis - isn't that a pretty stone, and so interestingly cut?

Playing around with this one, just something 'for fun'... I think it looks especially good with my tan line from my wedding ring showing through, no?


Julia said...

The ring with the green amethyst actually looks very nice without being oxidated. However, it might give more depth to it with some oxidation.... Difficult choice :)

JudyM said...

Beautiful new stones and rings! You've really been busy. I agree with Julia on the oxididating question; hard to choose.

Rachel said...

I love your photos! The stones look stunning and the rings are gorgeous!