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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rock Shop Treasures

I took my nephew to the rock museum today and found some cool new stones for ring making...

Pretty orange opal with little iridescent green flashes

Another opal with interesting pink dinosaur-egg-ish outside band and yellowish orange fiery center

This one is so cool- it's a big clear quartz dome but the whole bottom is covered with these interesting purplish inclusions


And a few more labradorite cabs, because I am a sucker for the labradorite


Anonymous said...

That ruby is something to die for! How much would be ring with it be, around...?

Tamara said...

Hi Sirpa, off the top of my head I'm guessing a ring with the ruby would be in the $110-$120 range.

Anonymous said...

I love that pink dinosaur egg stone. If it's not already spoken for, let me know. I haven't done my budget yet for the month but if I have the cash I'd love to buy it.