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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Carlos loves having his picture taken. When he saw me photographing my beads today, he had to take a break from eating his lunch (granola - his new obsession) to put on this hat and have me take his picture. Please excuse the bib and the granola crumbs.


radioactivegan said...

he is so adorable! what a little cutie.

JudyM said...

I love these pictures! Carlos just keeps getting cuter all the time. Can't wait to see him (and you and Matt) again.
And about the post just before this one, again, you find the most beautiful and interesting stones.

Anonymous said...

haha!!! verry Very Cute!!!

jeriouise said...

Carlos has definitely figured out the connection between photographing and enjoying the finished project. I'm sure watching himself on the computer has peaked his interest. What a precious little guy.