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Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Beadies

I went to a gem show yesterday and got some very pretty things. All are available for custom order rings, pendants, etc.

First, my new obsession - variscite. This stuff comes from Nevada and I buy it directly from the people who mine and cut it.

variscite cabochonVariscite cabochon, 14.5mm x 19mm (7.63 carats)

variscite cabVariscite cabochon, 15mm x 22.5mm (13.12 carats)

nevada varisciteVariscite cabochon, 16mm x 23.5mm (15.57 carats)

candelaria varisciteVariscite cabochon, 18.5mm x 26mm (22.74 carats)

varisciteVariscite cabochon, 18mm x 32mm (19.44 carats)

yellow variscite(My favorite) variscite cabochon, 13.5mm x 21.5mm (10.11 carats)

Had enough variscite? Okay, okay... on to other things. :-)

large pink tourmalineHuge California pink tourmaline cabochon, 13mm x 16mm (11.53 carats)

pink tourmaline cabochonSmaller California pink tourmaline cabochon, 5.5mm x 8.5mm (1.27 carats)

red labradorite5mm faceted Oregon sunstone
(also known as red labradorite)

holly chalcedony cabochonHolly chalcedony (I think this stuff comes from Oregon), 12mm

holly chalcedony cabHolly chalcedony, 9mm x 11mm

And my big splurge for the day yesterday... the most spectacular opal I've ever seen (and I'm not usually a huge opal lover) -

ying yang opal
blue orange opal
boulder opal
Oh yes, I also got these in the mail a few days ago -

labradorite cabochonsLabradorite cabs, 16-18mm


Contrariwise said...

OK. I'm jealous.

I went to a bead and mineral show this weekend and it was pathetic. I was so disappointed. I really hoped to pick up some cabs.

I guess I'll just have to buy from your etsy shop!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

I'm drooling over those gems