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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Ring

Here's a moissanite wedding ring I finished yesterday that I'm quite pleased with. It's similar to one I've made a few times before, but I increased the width of the band to 6mm and upgraded to a 6mm stone (comparable in size to a 0.8 carat diamond). It really looks a lot more blingy than the original, although they both have their own kind of appeal.

ethical wedding ring
The stone is so much more sparkly in real life; I'm afraid I haven't figured out the secret to capturing that in my photos yet.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Very Pretty

Contrariwise said...


Tag. You're it!

I'd like to learn more about you. Could you please do a post on 7 random facts about yourself. The instructions are on my blog here:

Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Hi Tamara, to answer your question about capturing the true sparkle of these stones, you need a specialty lightbulb called 'Diamond Dazzler'. You can see this here:

That should do it since these stones are so similar to diamonds... I hope this helps! Cheers, Nat :)

Tamara said...

Nat, you are a wealth of information!!! Thanks. :-)

Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

I try! LOL....

And you shoud check the Vegan meal I prepared for dinner last night. I posted the recipe on my blog this morning.

The more info we share, the more we have :)