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Thursday, December 4, 2008

November Jewelry for Charity Recap and December Kick-Off

A quick update on my Jewelry for Charity program... with your help, I raised $440.00 in November for Asociación de Amigos de los Animales! Thanks to all of you who made purchases in either of my shops during last month, the animals saved by this worthy organization in Guatemala will go on to live happy, healthy lives.

5% of my December sales will be donated to the Harlem Children's Zone. I first learned of this organization through a This American Life podcast, which pretty much had me in tears while I was trying to run (okay, jog). The podcast introduces HCZ's president and CEO, Geoffrey Canada, and explains the comprehensive changes he's advocating for the way we deal with urban poverty in the United States. His solutions are broad and all-encompassing, and they work. Prompted by listening to the podcast, I recently read a book about Geoffrey Canada and the HCZ called Whatever It Takes, which was excellent. Anyway, I'm just very impressed with the work this group is doing, and with the results they are getting, and I want to help somehow. :-)

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