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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doing my vegan civic duty...

Here I am, once again, to warn you of culinary danger. I implore you, from the deepest corners of my joyful little vegan heart, not to cook the Vegan Alfreda recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance. You will regret it. Consider yourself warned.

Unfortunately, I had high hopes for this one, expecting against all odds to create a rich, delicious, dairy-free white sauce with fettuccine noodles, which made reality all the more painful. What I ended up with was a strangely brownish-orange, oddly spiced, impossible-to-choke-down pile of crap. Shocking, really, since normally I am thrilled with Isa's recipes. I guess even the best among us have our bad days (fortunately for me, mine don't end up on the pages of a best selling book to haunt me for all of eternity).

So now I am left with a haunting emptiness in my soul - a chasm aching to be filled with rich, creamy white sauce and noodles. Can anyone help? Are there any truly yummy vegan alfredo recipes out there?


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Good morning Tamara :)

I've been under the weather for a few days and now catching up on my blog reading - I had a quick look online and found this Blog post about the same subject and if you look at the comments posted by Theresa and Tami, they have a couple of recipes that, if perhaps, not truly authentic, seem to taste really good... I think it's you that doesn't like coconut milk (forgive me if I'm wrong), because there are recipes that you can do with coconut milk, so that's another option and I can find some for you.

I haven't tried these, but here is the blog link - try the recipes posted by the folks who commented:

Tamara said...

Thanks Nat! Some good ideas there. I'm fine with coconut milk too so I'll have to look into that.

Alyson said...

Thank you for the warning - Sadly all my attempts at creamy alfreda sauce has ended up being kind Well Vegan World Fusion Cuisine wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't creamy. Alas. So far it's just one of those tastes I'll miss.

the little one said...

Funny, that I'm catching up on your blog and your first comment on this post included a link to my post on this topic. The Vegan Planet flavoring really was good. It just need to be a bit thicker.