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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: Chooka Degrade Fade Rain Boots (The Saga Continues...)

If you are a devoted reader (or an obsessed stalker), you may recall my big decision last fall to splurge and order a pair of these adorable rain boots. Well, I am sad to report that after a few short months, they are already giving out on me. The outer layer has begun to crack in more than one place, which kinda undermines the main function of the boots - you know, the keeping your feet dry part???

Unfortunately, Amazon's craptastic return policy means that if I go to the trouble of packing them up and paying to ship them back, I may get a percentage of my price back but not the whole amount. Grr. So I guess I'm back to square one. I'll probably just go buy a cheap pair for $15 at the local feed store and they will last for ten years. Figures.


Anonymous said...

My generic black ones have lasted longer than 10 years even.

Robin Marie said...

Indeed, this is the difference between product designed for form and product designed for function. The best ones of course fulfill both needs, but for outdoor wear nothing beats the farm supply store!

Sorry about your boots. What a bummer!