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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Easy Vegan - Some Great Resources

During an e-mail conversation the other day with the person whose questions inspired this budding 'Easy Vegan' series of posts, this internet pal of mine (a non-vegan) said, "If I had someone in my kitchen for one day, planning a month's worth of food for me - all with simple recipes...I know I could do it. There's a business for someone to start. Helping people become vegans!" Well, coincidentally, look what I just stumbled across today -

Vegan at Heart is a free e-mail coaching program for people who are vegan at heart but not necessarily in practice. It’s for idealists and animal-lovers and treehuggers and health nuts and everybody in-between who wants to incorporate more compassionate, healthy, sustainable habits into their daily lives but who need a little more info, a little moral support, or just a little friendly kick in the pants.

The truth is, there are a gazillion helpful tools and resources on the web that have been designed for the sole purpose of making it easy for people to be vegan; it’s just a matter of plugging in! And that’s why we’re here. We’re not here to preach, and we have very little use for all-or-nothing thinking. Non-vegans have a positive impact on the world every single time they make a healthy vegan choice.

So, there you go! A great resource for all of you aspiring vegans out there!

And, as it so happens, the founder of Vegan at Heart just wrote an incredible blog post over at The GirlyGirl Army listing all of her favorite vegan cheeses for every dish and occasion. I'm still planning a vegan cheese article of my own, but in the meantime, this should tide you over, Rebecca!

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winterskeeper said...

Thanks for this - just signed up at the GirlyGirlArmy. Looks like vegan cheese has come a long way since my lapse.