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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Beadies

I got a package today from one of my best stone suppliers - yippee!!! All of these stones are mined within the United States, which means that they are all fair trade. And all are currently available for custom order rings, pendants, or whatever else you and I can dream up together. If you're interested in commissioning a piece using any of these stones, let me know!

california vessuvianiteVessuvianite (aka 'California Jade')
11.5mm x 15mm (8.5 carats)

nevada varisciteNevada variscite
12.5mm x 16.5mm (4.7 carats)

nevada turquoiseNevada turquoise
14.5mm x 27mm (14.5 carats)

green turquoiseNevada turquoise
12mm x 15mm (7.0 carats)

california pink tourmalineCalifornia pink tourmaline
8mm (2.9 carats)

California pink tourmaline
9mm (3.6 carats)

fair trade tourmalineCalifornia pink tourmaline
10mm x 18mm (8.3 carats)

oregon sunstoneOregon sunstone
8mm (1.6 carats)

holley chalcedonyHolley chalcedony (Oregon)
15.5mm (9.7 carats)

holly chalcedonyHolley chalcedony (Oregon)
9mm (3.1 carats)

lavender chalcedonyHolley chalcedony (Oregon)
11.5 x 13mm (5.3 carats)

green tourmalineCalifornia green tourmaline
9mm (3.1 carats)

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Fashionably Adorned said...


Im just starting out in silversmithing and was wondering where do you get your cabochons??