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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Guess What, More Rings!

Still working on using up my huge collection of labradorite, but also I threw some moonstone in just to keep things interesting. Can't wait to go to the gem show in two weeks and get some more variety of stones! I tried to make a ring out of a really pretty chrysocolla cab I had but when I tried to press the bezel around it, the stone broke. So sad!

Here's another rectangular labradorite ring, similar to the first one, but with more of a greenish flash. (12mm x 16mm stone; size 8.5) {sold}

And another view of the same ring.

Rainbow moonstone ring, 14mm x 18mm stone, size 8

Another round labradorite ring, 16mm stone, size 6

Big flashy oval labradorite ring, 16mm x 22mm stone, size 10 {sold}

A few rectangular labradorite cabs (12mm x 16mm) that are available for custom order rings.

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Eye Candy Creative said...

Oh you have beautiful beads but even more beautiful jewelry!