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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meme Time

Vegan_Noodle tagged me to play a meme, how fun! Here are the rules of the game:

#1 Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of your first or middle name.

#2 When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.

#3 At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them, they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

#4 If I’ve tagged YOU (the bloggers that I've tagged are listed at the end), please join in on the fun!

Sooo... here goes -

T is for tenacious. I can be very stubborn, determined, outspoken, and opinionated when it comes to things I feel strongly about, and I don't give up easily. Some people might say that's a good quality; others may disagree. :-)

A is for animals, which play a big role in my life, both my own dogs (Hazel, Otis, and Rowdy), as well as the work I've done in the past with homeless animals and my commitment to veganism, which saves animals from unspeakable suffering and helps keep the environment a nicer place for animals (including humans) to live. Learn more here. (See what I mean about being outspoken about things I care about?)

M is for multitasking. I've always had this tendency, but especially since Carlos came home I find myself trying to do seventeen things at once. I don't know if it ultimately helps my productivity or hurts it, but that's the way I am. I typically have about five internet windows open at a time and am constantly switching between dealing with receiving and filling orders, email, blogging, and surfing, plus playing with Carlos, cleaning up the house, doing laundry, cooking, talking on the phone... you get the idea. I very rarely devote 100% of my attention to one single thing during the day because there is just too much to get done. Sometimes I feel guilty about that but it's the reality of my life right now.

A is for adoption. Matt and I chose to create our family through adoption rather than biology for several reasons. For one, neither of us felt attached to the idea of passing on our own traits to our child; rather, we find it interesting and exciting to see what surprises unfold as Carlos grows up without the weight our preconceived ideas about how he might have my eyes or Matt's laugh. And, since that biological drive was not strong for either of us, we loved the idea of becoming a family with a child who needed one rather than contributing one more person to this already overburdened planet. I don't think there's any way that we could have created a more perfect person than Carlos if we had a biological child, and I'm so happy that this is the path we chose.

R is for responsible. That's probably a boring thing to tell you about myself, but it's oh-so-true. Even as a teenager I was responsible; I never really went through a wild and crazy phase. I married young (20 years old), we bought our first house right away and started paying on a mortgage, worked hard, and well, I guess here we are ten years later, still doing the same things. Different jobs and different mortgages, and another little life to be responsible for, but basically the same thing. I do take risks from time to time, but they are carefully weighed and considered risks. :-)

A is for athletic. Ooh, I surprised you with that one, didn't I? Those who know me in real life probably know that in the past I have been one of the least athletic people around. Organized sports have no appeal to me (either watching or playing), and I have struggled to find a physical activity that I enjoy and excel at. However, about two months ago I started a running program called Couch to 5K which is geared towards getting non-runners (i.e. couch potatoes) up to being able to run a continuous three miles (~5K) over the course of nine weeks. Well, I am just finishing up week seven, and guess what, it works! I am running 2.5 miles at a time now, which is something I never would have thought I could do, and I'm really enjoying it and plan to stick with it.

That's all folks! T-A-M-A-R-A. And here are my tag-ees:

vegan chai
Vivacious Vegan
ms veganorama


JudyM said...

Tamara, that was fun to read about you. I thought your comments about yourself were quite accurate, but you're right, the last A for athletic did surprise me. Congratulations!
Love, Judy

lisa said...

Congratulations on the 2.5 miles, Tamara! I should look into that-ran cross country in hs and miss running-but so hard to go through the steps (pain) to get back there.
Got the package btw-thank you so much! ~lmc

jerilouise said...

You did a great job describing yourself Tamara. I feel proud to have raised a human being with your character and qualities. Already I see Carlos on a path to grow up to be very much like his mama. You and Matt are wonderful parents. Love, mom

Vegan_Noodle said...

What fun to learn more about you Tamara!

I think it is so amazing that you chose to adopt. You and Matt sound like awesome parents and Carlos is such a lucky little boy!

That's very cool about you starting that running program. I find running/walking/yoga/kayaking...anysolo sport that doesn't involve hand-eye coordination, to be what I like best. Keep it up, I'm sure you will grow to love it more and more!

Vegan Girl said...

Hi Tamara,

I just started to get to know you by buying your jewelry, but now I am doubly impressed by you since I have read this blog. I think your adoption is wonderful. I feel like I have given up my life for animals (I have 8 animals at home)and I feel like this world doesn't need one more person in it who may end up being a meat eater. I just would rather care for animals than humans, but I think your ideas about adoption are truly wonderful. And I wish more people could think like you!


Robin Marie said...


I've always looked up to you, but in a general, more art related way. I never realized just how much about you there was that I want to see in myself. Or rather, that I see in myself but don't quite have a handle on. You're an incredible person:)

Thanks so much for sharing your running link too! I'm going to give it a shot. After fighting off several years of juvenile arthritis I'm looking to get myself more active, and this sounds realistic!

Tamara said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Robin Marie (and anyone else who is interested) - here is a link to a podcast you can use with the Couch to 5K program - there is a different one for each week of the program and it tells you when to walk and when to run, and is set to music (not great music, but it works for the short term at least).


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I love meme's where we get to learn more about people.

I've been wanting to ask you about your adoption experience for a while now but never knew what to say exactly. Thanks for sharing! I'm happy that everything has worked out for you. Carlos seems like a wonderful son and he is very lucky to have you and Matt for parents.