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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beady Goodness

More beads for my shop, to be listed whenever I can find the time...

Chunky turqouise nuggets

Smooth sunstone rondelles

Amber tourmaline rondelles

More of the best-of-the-best tourmaline

Plump pink opal briolettes

Luscious tourmaline slices... a definite splurge

Kyanite ovals

Labradorite briolettes

Really nice faceted kyanite rondelles

Smoky lemon quartz marquis briolettes

Pink opal marquis briolettes

Amethyst marquis briolettes

Aquamarine briolettes

Large aquamarine (beryl) faceted nuggets

Big chrysoprase rondelles


Julia said...

Wow! Right now I wish I was really rich, so I could empty your store :)

Vegan Girl said...

I dido what Julia said. They are lovely.

Lotta said...

Oh, that's not fair! I don't have that much money...