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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A rare treat

Okay, so those of you who live in colder climates will probably roll your eyes and say 'so what?', but we hardly ever get snow here in Northern California, and on the rare occasions when it does come down, it seldom sticks. But today, completely unexpectedly, it started snowing, and it's now been snowing for several hours, and is actually sticking to the ground! Matt, Carlos, and I are all totally enthralled; we've been spending a lot of the day just staring out the windows.

Here are a few from earlier in the day. I was trying to get that 'snowflakes floating down softly' effect but all I ended up with was the 'smeary white lines' effect. Oh well, they're still kind of cool.

And here are a couple more recent ones, after it started to stick better.

We took Carlos outside a little while ago and he had no idea what to make of it.


jerilouise said...

It snowed on and off most of the afternoon, but nothing stuck to the groud at our place. Too bad there wasn't enough for Carlos to build his own Frosty.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh I miss snow.... looks beautiful.

Tuija said...

Hello! Thanks I just Yesterday recieve the beads, that I byu form You. They are very good. We have the same weather now in southFinland, in Helsinki, it is always raining, not snow but water! It is very warm winter, sea haven`t ice. Best wishes from Finland. T Tuija

JudyM said...

There was quite a bit on the ground at Mom's. We weren't sure we'd be able to leave the next morning, but we waited til around 9, and it was OK. We did have snow several places on the drive home, and took two days so we weren't driving on the snow and ice at night.
Did Carlos get used to it some and play in it a little?

Tamara said...

Nope. He was out there for about two minutes and then wanted to come inside. He might have felt differently though if we had any of the appropriate gear for him, like gloves and a rain coat. :-)