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Friday, January 25, 2008

Fun stuff!

I'm going to be in a wedding in March and the bride is being so nice - she's letting the three of us (meaning her attendants) choose whatever we want to wear, as long as it's black. She really wants us to get something we'll actually wear again. Here's what I found:

(photo nabbed from the She-Bible site)

The dress arrived today and it fits perfectly and is just absolutely gorgeous and comfortable and perfect in every way. On the model (above), it looks like it hits just above the knee, but I'm short and it's quite a bit longer on me. Also, the picture above isn't really true to life as far as how the top of the dress fits. It's a lot more flowy and feminine, like this:

(photo also from She-Bible)

I'm going to dress it up with some fabulous jewelry (of course!) and some sexy shoes. Maybe even some fun stockings, we'll see...

So does anyone have shoe suggestions? I did a quick browse of a few of the top vegan shoe sites and didn't really see anything that grabbed me. I don't walk well on a tall, skinny heel, but I still want them to have some va-voom. Help me, fellow vegan shoppers!


Leigh said...

We just got these cute shoes in from Novacas:

The heel is cute, and not too tall. I don't know how you feel about open toes in March, though. :)

cpettit said...

hey tamara!
definitely check out this site, it's a vegan shoe store in new york!

Vegan Girl said...

Don't know if you have checked this site out yet but I love it.

winterskeeper said...

Search Zappos for:

1. Pleaser USA, Caress 403
2. Annie Jasmine (also, Maddy, Cathy, Candida, Caution & Corrie)

Materials: Faux leathers, acrylic, micro-fabrics, all-animal-friendly, leather-free

Off to check out the recommendations from some of your other animal-loving friends!

girl least likely to said...

oooh, what a great dress!!