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Monday, May 5, 2008

Cutest. Chickens. Ever.

This is Rosa. She is a character. She's definitely the top chicken, and she's also the most friendly and inquisitive. She's not friendly enough to want to be petted (none of them are - yet), but she's always interested in what I am up to when I go outside. When I collect the eggs, she runs into the chicken house and looks at me as if to say 'What are you doing with those?!?' ... The other day, as I crouched down to change their water, she pecked me on the butt. :-) She and the rooster are the only two who will eat treats out of my hand. Here she is coming up on the porch to see what I was doing this morning while I took some photos of beads -

And here she is with her man, Chuck Norris -

Okay, enough chicken fun. I need to go pack orders!

PS - Please send healing vibes for Dean the duck; he's having some kind of an eye problem and we're taking him to the vet tomorrow... should be interesting trying to catch and transport him!


Lotta said...

Lovely pictures! Rosa is a real beauty. Don't be offended, though, if they don't want to be petted even later on - they do have their sense of integrity :-)

Julia said...

Nice pictures :)

I was just wondering though, knowing that you're vegan - what do you do with the eggs after collecting them?

Tamara said...

Hi Julia,

My husband eats the eggs, and when we have more than he wants to eat, we cook them with their shells, crush them up, and feed them back to the chickens and ducks. I guess it's supposed to be good calcium for them. I have plenty of friends and family who would be happy to take excess eggs as well, I'm sure. :-)


Chris said...

I love the chickens! Chuck Norris is one handsome dude!

Prayers are coming for Dean the duck. Please let us know how he's doing!