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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Loot...

From my favorite local stone cutters... (Can you tell I had a fun/successful shopping trip this morning?)

rhodolite garnet cabochonI couldn't resist buying more of this incredible rhodolite garnet, even though I haven't yet used what I bought the last time around.

tsavorite garnetTsavorite garnet - the first time I've ever bought any!

green tourmaline cabochonCalifornia green tourmaline

mexican fire opalMexican fire opal

pink tourmalineCalifornia pink tourmaline

pink tourmaline beadsMore California pink tourmaline

pink tourmaline cabBrazilian pink tourmaline

afghan tourmaline cabAfghan blue tourmaline

blue tourmaline cabochonMore Afghan blue tourmaline

pink tourmaline cabochonAfghan pink tourmaline

custom aquamarine ringAquamarine cabs, assorted shapes

aquamarine trillionBest quality aquamarine of the bunch

large pink tourmalineHoley moley... 12.77 carat California pink tourmaline...

custom pink tourmaline... and more of the same ...

pink tourmaline jewelry... and still more.

All of these stones are available for custom order jewelry pieces. If you see something you love, please email me for more information!

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Cori said...

beautiful stones!